Hanging out on a Sunday


I’m so thankful I have a pretty cool roommate that likes to go out and do stuff. So Chosen, Sherry, Luke, Aaron and I went out to san mateo to eat at a taiwanese place. We first went to downtown to ShareTea for boba.

Then we went to China Bee to eat, they sell everything there. Even stinky tofu. What was really funny was how Chosen doesn’t like to eat family style. It is his pet peeve when people as are we eating family style or not. Smile So I have figured that out.

After dinner, Aaron didn’t have cash, so I believe Sherry picked up the tab for him. So he told sherry that he owes her a dinner now. Smile She can choose anywhere, I’m not sure if she will take him up on the offer, however we were joking about how she should go to french laundry on his dime.

Finally, the funny joke of the night. We wanted to go to a bar to end the night. First we go to a wine bar, however when we get there … the place is closed. Sad smile Yelp tricked us, so Aaron decided to go home after we walked a little father without finding a bar.
So we ended up deciding to go home, however as we were backing up out of the parking spot, Chosen looks up and sees a bar literally 20 feet in front of us. We then drive 2 parking spots up, then parked in front.

That was one of the funniest moments I have ever had looking for a place.  

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