I noticed that I usually take 2-3 hours a day cooking. At night, my parents have been teaching me how to cook more food. So I spend around 1 hour preparing all the food. And I’m flying through all of this. Peeling 10 potatoes, and then cutting them into cubes. Then peeling carrots, and cutting meat and marinating it. And cutting veggies.

I don’t like cleaning dirty veggies because something special always hides in them. When I wash the spinich, I find little bugs in there. My mom likes all these chinese food. So I was washing dried black fungus. And I found a dead spider in there. Then i began thinking about it. How did people in the beginining figure out that you could eat certain things. Did they have some guy go. I think this weird looking thing would be good to eat. So i’ll will try it, and see what happens to me.

Anyways, yesterday I had to return a cable to compusa, because I bought the wrong thing. And as I was driving there, I drove over field mouse. I saw this little think moving on the road, and i thought it was a leaf, then I saw it running towards my car.

There’s all these people at the Castro Valley Library, and they have the smallest parking lot in the world. So i had to park on the street. And I haven’t used my library card in 3 years, and i thougth it wouldn’t work, but it did

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