i talk to my roommate

I talk to my roommmate a lot. It’s kind of weird, if I ask him a question that is very open he usually asks it back at me? like I might say “Are you going to be doing anything today?”, then he might say no and say “how about you?”. I think its because I talk to him and he’s not sure how to keep the conversation going. But anyways I was talking to him about who could survive the longest in a heater.

So, we ended up in a tie. First he talked about how he worked for a t-shirt printing company during the summer “Zoewear” i think, they make Christian clothing. And he always buys the extra t-shirts they make for several dollars. So he was telling me how inside the printing area it was around 110 degrees all day, and because he knew the owner from church and the co-workers, they usually worked in sandels and shorts. If they could, they would have worked in their underwear, because it was that hot. They had competition on who drank the most amounts of water.

Then I had my time, when i talked about how I hate grilling, because it all smokey around the eyes, and I have a thermometer around me and its 110 degrees near my hest and face. Then I have to stick my arms over the grill, when i flip burgers, and I start turning red, and smelling really good to eat.

So we tied, but he told me how he made a lot of those t-shirts for the Chronicles of Narnia, the ones that Disney is going to distribute, because he said that Disney wanted to appeal to the Christian community. He was telling me how the shirt was really hard to set up, because it had to go with color laying, they lay one color, and then have to over lay another color, and the hardest thing he said was that the t-shirts were dark color, so they had to bleach the area they wanted to put the pictures on, just because it would be too dark.

time to go play ball.

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