I spent the day with my dad. Haha, I went to sleep at 2:00am last night, because i was practicing my hacking. I was on and doing some of their hacking. It’s kind of fun, going through all the code figuring out how to hack it. I did like the first several assignments. I was trying to figure this out with Vinesh as we were doing it online. I had to download a hex editor to edit some parts of the program. So it took me a while at night.

During this time, I was also looking for free web hosting, because i want to remake the blanklab site, or some other site and needed to test some of the code. So i found one so i’m going to play on that.

So, my dad wakes me up at around 8:00am this morning. And its really cold, and we drive out to Fremont. So my uncle is there at the house fixing the facet, and I sit there and watch him do it. Then my dad and I go and buy more of the parts for the handle and bathroom. I think i might want to go do some extra reading and learn how to fix everything in the house like a handyman, which reminds me of being in 2nd grade when some subsitute teacher gave me the nickname handyandy. So i watched him pull out the drain pipes and put in new ones.

Then we just went shopping at fry’s, had an oil change, and bought food and drove back. Most of the time was spent fixing the bathroom.

Hmm, for some reason my sister kept on putting the back of her palms on the back of the sweater i was wearing when i came home. I didn’t know why, until i shook her hands and they were really cold.

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