wow, what a difference a day makes. I got a good amount of sleep, and i don’t look as sleepy anymore, and I feel great. My brain is working more efficiently now. unlike the time, yesterday when i had a hard time concentrating. So anyways, I’ve gone back to Asian time. I need to stop doing that. Getting to class 2 minutes late. =).

So i’m reading the newspaper today. And it makes me want to watch a cal poly rugby game. Our school has a great team. They destroyed Stanford and UCLA 72-0.

Still trying to be discpline. I think i’ll put up a schedule and make a poster with Mr. T saying “I pity the fool who isn’t discpline. That might help. I could have gotten 30 more minutes of studying for math, if i wasn’t lazy.
But the good news is that the teacher asked a fairly easy question for the quiz, so i knew that one problem.


i look outside my room, and i see a rainbow. Very beautiful. Every color. I can see the purple to the red. Makes me happy. Even though it didn’t rain today

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