I had a dream

The dream that taught me a lesson. So i had this dream. Let me give you the layout to it first. But i’m not really sure what it is but it is anyway.

So, I’m in high school, or some sort of college in which i’m stuck with all these other guys. So in my dream, I’m with my group of guys. For some reason in my mind, Iwas with AACF people, and we were competing for to win a goal. But we had an opponent team, that would be competing also. And the other team had this really great player. A super player, that we knew could beat us. So some of the older guys had formulated a plan.

In the plan, they needed two people, and they chose me and this other really skinny guy who would not get caught. And we knew that the smart guy had one weakness. Somehow, he has this special vase that his grandmother gave him, and he would carry it around. (i don’t know why that was his special thing) But we knew that if we broke it, we would break his spirit, and he would not compete. So the plan was have the skinny guy run over there, and distract them. Then i was to run behind, pick up the vase and destroy it. Then i would run back. Then all of our team would hear the little guy scream something, and everyone would rush over there. And the other team will then come back to their place and see the vase broken on the ground, and think that they had broke it in the melee. Then I was suppose to pick up the vase and try to help fix it for the other team’s smart guy. That way it would look like we were peaceful and trying to help him and his team.

So that was the plan. But I didn’t want to go through it. Somehow in my dream, the older guys were able to force me to go. I then tried to switch positions with the skinny guy, and have the skinny guy break the vase, and have me run decoy. Deep down, I didn’t want to break the vase. Somehow, I wasn’t able to negotiate with my partner in crime.

Then, we just walk around a wall (somehow in my dream, everything happens within a small place) And there is the other team. So the skinny guy runs decoy, and gets all the guys attention. And in my dream, i somehow go from 1st person to 3rd person ) So i am looking at myself pick up the vase and throw it on the ground. Then i run back to the wall, and go to my teammates on the other side of hte wall. They all start asking me if i broke it, and i said yes. Then we hear our little skinny guy scream, and the whole school runs out. And our team runs out. In all the commmotion, the other team runs back and sees the vase broken. And they believed that someone on their own team had knocked it down chasing the guy. Then I went down and picked up the vase and presented it to the smart guy, as to say “i’ll try to help you fix what happen”. And the smart guy was crying and said something like “thanks for trying to help”

After that, I am in the locker room, and the smart guy’s locker is across the bench from mind. And i’m feeling very guilty. I couldn’t even look up throughout the whole time. I was thinking to myself. I single handedly messed up that guy’s life. I was then thinking about maybe that vase was a special remembrance. And so forth. It made me feel so bad. And I wanted to apologize, but i could not, because my teammates told me not to. And I then woke up.

After waking up, I still felt very guilty for breaking the vase of my imaginary rival in my dream. So my lesson from that dream is to take a stand, because what you do is very impacting on others.

So, if anyone asks me to go and destory someone else’s property, they better do it by themselves. If they try to pick on me, and scare me into doing it. I will tell them “No” and if they want to beat me up for it. We will rumble, and I will think about this dream and fight fore that one poor imaginary guy’s life i ruin.

Yeah, that’s my dream. I thought it was very interesting. I remembered it all from the morning.

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