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I woke up nice and early today, at 8:00am. (It’s early for me) So i took my sister to the dentist office where they would take out her wisdom teeth. It was very boring in the office last time when i sat there while she was waiting for her diagnosis. Somehow in that main lounge, they didn’t have that many reading material, and material they had were out of date. So i had read them all. So this time, I told myself that i would bring my e-book a long and read it. So i sat there with my palm pilot and was reading an e-book. So it wasn’t boring, the magainzes were still the same since i came in last week. They had stuff from jan 1. 2004.

I kept out of my sister’s way today, because i knew she would be in a lot of pain, and might transfer that pain into anger directed at me. So i sat in my room, as she wandered throughout the house in pain. Putting that novacaine and tablets in her mouth. It was funny when she tried to talk to me, because it was all muffled and I could not make out a single thing she said. She would say “annnnn toof pff waaaaaaaa tur oof nnn ddeeerrr.” So I was only able to figure out what she was talking about because she was holding a tablet, and doing a drinking motion with it. You know what, I think that’s how people learned how to communicate with each other. I read that between 60-75% of your communication is non-verbal, the other 25 percent is what you say.

When i think about that, I wonder what kind of body language I give to a person just walking by who doesn’t know me. On a scale from 1-10, i wonder what my body lauguage says. Is there such a person as a body language professor?

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