i don’t like it when i lose something

The worst part about losing something that you lost in the house is that it is still in the house. It is within your grasp to find it, if you find it. Then you search everywhere and don’t find it. Then you usually find it later on, either when you clean up your place or randomly do things in a different part of the room.

I was going around the room looking for my handout that I knew i had somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. I looked through all my papers, and binder and other things. I wanted to know if there was anything due for homework on tuesday on it. And I didn’t know anyone in that class, except maybe through facebook. Then I will just randomly poke someone in the class and ask them for the info. But this was 8 hours ago, and lo and behold about 10-15 minutes ago, I decide to open up my lab book for chemistry. And right there in the book is the syllabus I was looking for.

What I really like about my hair is how it likes to fly up. So usually if I don’t have class or anything, I don’t comb it at all. I just let it be, and my roommates never say anything about it. That’s cool, the only people who say things about my hair are/is my sister. Currently, my hair is doing a troll like thing. Remember those little toys, the trolls with the long hair that you can brush straight up. Mine kind of does that right now. But my hair isn’t too long, but it has antigravity powers.

I have a really interesting philsophy class, social ethics. And we are reading about euthanasia and is it morally permissible for active and passive euthanasia. So I’m sitting around reading it, but I keep on laughing everytime i see the word euthanasia. I remember back to either middle school, or somewhere around then. And the teacher made look up stuff about euthanasia, and the teacher was talking about this and not writing it on the board. But I think the guys next to me misunderstood the teacher, because the next day in class they started talking about “youth in asia”.

No more fun, time to do some more work.

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