Getting pumped up

I’ve been doing work all day, and i drank some green energy drink. It tasted like a green otter pop. But just too much on the sweet side. I think it was called machine, because it had an M in the bottle tab.

The boog thing about doing work in the library is that i always see someone there to help me on my homework. And get everything done, and I found out that my lab partners were very productive in their design project. We have the frame of the kitchen done. Now I need to start on the solidworks.

I hope all this work i do now will pay off when I go and work, because I feel like I can never catch up, and I’m just outworking the system. Lets just say that with the way i’m studying for all my engineering classes, Doing anything for english is a synch. But the only problem is that i’ve lost a lot of my analytical skill because all i think about in english class is engineering. Analyzing it in an engineering sort of way.

In all my classes I have to concentrate, I don’t really do the daydreaming, but I do the wandering eyes, and that isn’t good. I can tell when I do the wandering because I look up at the board and I have no idea why the teacher is doing the next thing.

I’m back to taking cold showers, our water heater is really screwy now.

Hmm, I need a haircut, because I don’t look “sharp”, Arthur was saing “let me cut your hair, because if you look good, you will feel good, and do good on the test”. I pondered that for a while. Interesting, I was thinking about the reasons why I don’t have a girlfriend, because somebody asked me if I had a girlfriend. And I told them I didn’t. So now inbetween doing homework, I’m thinking of the reasons. I think my #1 reason was that I don’t have time. I’m just getting the beat down this quarter from my workload,a very painful beatdown.

Currently, I feel like mario after he gets a mushroom, now I feel much bigger and can jump on the toadstools. Just need to carry that confident into my tests.

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