I have a headache since 5:45pm. I think its because I was doing soldering on the circuit chip. And I inhaled a little too many fumes. So its been bothering me, or it could be that I’m tired, and my head is telling me that I don’t have enough sleep.

What I like about computer programmers is that its easy to find really cheap and open source files to create things. Vinesh wants to make a 3d game, so he doesn’t play video games. So I’m going to help him. So we found opensource 3d modeling (www.blender.org), 3d game engine (http://www.ogre3d.org/) and all you really need is a compiler(like c++). So I can make a game after that. Its so much cheaper then being a mechanical engineer. I think i’m going to have to spend 250 dollars making a rear loaded horn that will be on par with the lowther medallion 2 rear loaded horn speakers ($1150). Only problem will be if I could actually move it around, because things like those sound really good but are like my size.

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