I was watching a lot of battlestar galactica the past day. Its a really interesting sci-fi show. The storyline is good.

So today, I got up really late aroun 11am. And I thought, I think Alby might want some cookies. So I then procede to make cookies for Alby, because he was saying “Andrew, you made the best cookies”. So I look online for the recipe i used several years ago for my cookie. I ddin’t remember what it was so I chose the closest one. And the only thing that is hard to figure out is how many big a serving size per cookie. The recipe said 24 cookies. And I think I made around 18. This messed up my cooking time a little, because it took a little longer to cook the cookies then originally thought.

I took a bit of the cookies at first, and it was a little on the undercook side. Like the soft chocolate chip cookies from the box. Eventually, I got them out. they were kind of fluffy and I took a bite, and it was okay to me. But I brought it to school anyways. Then I’m at the UU and I find out Alby doesn’t have classes on monday. So I’m kind of sad, but anyways I just leave my cookies for the other people from AACF to eat. And they really liked it. I think I didn’t like it becuase I was really full, and I ate it when it just came out of the oven, so it didn’t taste as good. The cookies needed around 5-10 minutes to cool down, and not be as fluffy as a cake.

Its kind of weird how God likes to talk to people. I think he likes to show me things. So, I’ve never helped out with worship team. But I can play the piano and guitar. And for the past several months, I was wondering if I should provide my services. So I think so, why? because pastor Young Su heard me sing some little kids song with his daughter, and said “you should help out with worship team”. Then I thought, maybe I should. So I asked Alby, and he asked me “what can you do?”, and I said “anything”.

That was a weird spew of words. You know what I found out, I think my ME classes are the funniest classes in the world. We are all in class, and the teacher is about to start talking. And one guy in the front doesnt’ have a staple, or something, so he stands up, and rips a staple off of hte wall where posters are put up.

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