Today was my first day of work. And it looks like it will be relaxing and fun. Since this is a public utilities building, I dont think anything that I do is really private. So I can talk about what I do.

I took the streets to get to work today, and there isn’t a lot of traffic going my direction. I got to work in 18 minutes. The only bad thing is that I drove over 5 sets of train tracks. So it was a nice and bumpy ride all the way down to the marshlands.

Now you wonder what I do. As the guy who was training me to do some of the stuff he does, he says “you will be the Guardian of this building”. I really didn’t know why, until he told me that there are really only 6 people working in the engineering part. And they always go in and out, so I might see them for several minutes, and then not see them for another hour.

When the guy that is training me goes on vacation, I will most likely have to pick up calls, and pretend that I know what I’m doing when people call to complain that their sewage is backflowing into their backyard. Then I have to give it to the engineer in charge and then he will tell me what to do next. And I also get to write permits for plumbers who want to fix the sewer pipes.

So today was my first day, and the guy who was helping went home at 1pm, so after that I just went to work doing some of the projects that wanted me to do. And it gets really quiet inside the building, so I can hear when a customer comes in. The funny thing is that there is a little gong at the front desk if someone doesn’t want to push the bell. Tomorrow, I might get to go walk around the water treatment plant.

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