Marsh Lands

Today was another productive day at work. I was listening to the guy helping me talk on the phone to some people who were having sewage problems. And found out that they were using sharing the same sewage pipes. So when the guys neighbor fixed his pipes, it messed up the other guys pipes. Interesting stuff.

Then for lunch time, I decided to take a walk and eat on the san lorenzo trail. So I follow the trail and come next to the marsh. And looking at marsh is boring, because there is no running water. All I saw were miles of wet moist mud. There was a nice cool breeze, but nothing really interesting in the mud to look at. Eventually, I just stared at the planes that flew by overhead, all heading to the oakland airport. And those planes come by almost once every few minutes. Most of them are on their descent also, so I can actually see the windows.

Now I’m going to go take a nap, I’m going to dream about sewers, and after looking at all the videos of cracks in sewer.

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