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This has been a crazy movie weekend for me. I watched 3 movies. Smile Thursday I saw Edge of Tomorrow, a time loop movie, with my roommate. Then I watched Chef with Sherri, that movie was really pretty. Especially the food, they made a grill cheese sandwich look really good. Then on Saturday, I watched the movie “Malevicent”. That movie was really predictable.

So overall, I loved chef, I enjoyed “Edge of Tomorrow” because it was action packed. Then Malevicient the plot was very predictable, and it wasn’t that interesting or something new.


The CCS graduation was at Redwood Chapel. It was Phoebe’s Graduation.


My favorite part was that we were suppose to cheer for Phoebe. But they messed up on the paper so Wesley yelled “I see you Phoebe”, and it was a different girl that got called out.


It is really interesting seeing how CCS has grown and is in the 20’s version. I also realize how after you go to one graduation, all the other graduations sound the same. The speeches are all about reaching for the future. I bet I’ll hear the same speeches when I am 50 years old.



Happy cousin pictures with Uncle.



Then we went to eat at Kyoto (that place is okay), and then watched Maleficient.

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