Good Friday

Wow, it was an interesting Good Friday. I was not in the office so I didn’t have to experience the things that happened in the office. However I had different fun things to do in the field.

It was open house in the new building, so there were people walking around everywhere. I was told to just hide out in this one corner room, and make sure I didn’t look like a contractor at all. So my vest and helmet were all put away in the back. However, since it was open house the employees went everywhere and opened every door. Even the door to the chillers when they were in the basement. Boy, it was really loud with all the people just walking around. =) However I was able to get my work done, so I think I did a good job.


Tonight it was Good Friday service at church. So I went there early to give boba to Dennis (I’m not sure why, but I got it only for him). Haha, his wife Dana was giving me the cold shoulder =), because she loves boba more than him. When I came in just to give it to him, he gloated about it and drank it in front of her. Hahaha, that is how you get in trouble with a female. =) GL Dennis.



Anyways for the good friday service, they wanted to make it interesting. So this year, there was a person painting a picture in the back. It took her 30 minutes to paint it, but I think they really wanted her to paint it in 8 minutes.

It is a picture of a man holding onto the robe. However, from where I was sitting, the glare was against me, so it looked like a red scarf falling off of the robe.


The other thing they did was after the message, they had a time or reflection and allowed people to dip their hand in red paint and put it on a cross that was set up. (which was covered in a white sheet) So people would line up and dip their fingers in the paint and wipe it on the cross.

If you know me, you know I would not just dip a finger. I just dunked my whole hand into the paint =). I got a good mega size slab of red on that cloth. Since the paint was really watered down, it just came right off when I put my hand in their portable sink that was set up right next to it to wash off.


After the service, some of the guys decided to play basketball. What sucks about this is that I don’t usually carry spare shorts in my car. Which I am going to now, because I can’t keep on using Walmart as my alternative closet. I have too many shorts now, becuase I buy it randomly if i want to play and don’t want to go home.



We played until 11pm when the lights went out. Then we played like we did in high school and college. Drove our cars around and just played against the light. Man, it is so hard to play. I couldn’t see the ball well, so our passes were really lofted. Our favorite incident was, E.T was cutting in around me. So I went to try to cut him off, the next thing I notice is that ben is laughing really hard. I turn around and all I see are white shoes sticking up off the ground. Somehow E.T rolled his own ankle as he was starting to run and the next you notice was that he was horizontal.


We were so loud later when we were eating at In-N-Out. Not sure how that happens, but somehow the people that I grew up with at chruch, we all end up getting really loud when we are in groups with each other.

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