its the final countdown

Today at work, they had this meeting/breakfast thing where they kind of gave a quick overview of where the company was going and pass out bonds to workers who weren’t sick for the whole quarter. From what I saw, I guess there are really only 30 people that work for Oro Loma. There are the 5 engineers, 5 ladies that work in accounting, finance, and 20 maintenance workers. So all those people I usually see out on the plant are actually the contractor’s workers.

We had a really good breakfast, they bbq’ed carne asada, scrambled egg,s potatoes, cookies, fruits, and bagels. They put a lot of spices and pepper in the potatoes, because as I was eating it, I was wondering why does it feel like I could breath fire out of my mouth.

For some reason, I think subconciously I kind of know what people like to talk about. I don’t know why, but it somehow comes to my brain. I was talking to Ray Bush the operations manager, and somehow I wanted to talk about food and his stomach. Then he was telling me about how this week his family is at camp, and he has been sitting at home eating one cup of hagan daz a day. That is richness going through his veins. Then I go back and talk to Bill, and we end up talking for 30 minutes.

During my lunchbreak, I went to church to see how vbs was doing. Since it was only a 3 mile drive, it took me around 8 minutes to get there. And they are doing the Fiesta series now, and the kids would shout Viva. What catches me, is how a lot of the helpers are high school students, and many of them, I had when I helped out for VBS. That is always the weird thing, because I sometimes feel like an adult but sometimes I don’t. Everyone at the office treats me like an adult, because the other engineers say “oh those kids these days, they want to have this, that, and do stupid things”. Then I can relate to the kids, but also relate to the adult. =O.

Maybe its just that I’m a kid at heart, and a titan in spirit.

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