Broken Finger?

That’s the title of today because I was playing basketball today with the guys from church. And 5 minutes into the game my pinky gets jammed by a rocket of a pass. (I did deflect to my team so I guess it was worth it). So for the rest of that game, and the other full court games we played in the next 3 hours, I played with a jammed pinky.

As you know, I am a gamer, so even thou I’m hurt I will still play. So I just couldn’t dribble as well because my pinky just kind of stood out for the rest of the hand because it was nice and swollen. The only good thing about the jammed pinky was that all my shots were going down, just like in a video game. I would put up a shot, and swish, I could tell if my shot was too hard because it would hurt my pinky.

Since my grandparents are at my house, I asked my grandpa to try to rub my pinky and unswell it. We didn’t have any of the right chinese medicine so he had to use some wine on my finger. And it was painful, I now know what I do when I feel a lot of pain. I walk it off, because i was patting my feet on the ground as he was trying to rub my pinky and move all the blood away. It was a really bad jam too, now thinking about it because my knuckles are kind of dark black, not like other jams.

What was interesting was how at church, I see Lances sister and I think its his older sister but it turns out its his younger sister, who looks really similar to his older sister. So I kept on thinking her name was Carolyn.

Another weird thing was I saw Pastor Josh’s housemate, and he had his girlfriend with him. I saw the girl and she was looking at me with kind of a weird inquizical look. So I thought that was weird, then after the service, Phil comes over and says “did you go to CCS?” Then I kind of remember who she was, her name was Roxanne and we went to middle school (5th-8th grade) together. So I tried to remember anything about her, and its either a suppressed memory, or she was really quiet (I hope its the latter).

And typing with an jammed pinky is weird. Because I would write a workd and everytime I would get to a letter such as “or the arrow keys, I would feel a little jolt of pain. Like electroshock therapy.

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