Funemployment 2nd Interview


Today’s interview was with my old company. It was really interesting seeing that when I walked in, everyone remembered me. The only difference was that some of the people had long hair now, so it is like watching a television series when they have time pass between season 1 and season 2.

It was really nice interview, because they really just wanted to know what new things I did at Sunbelt, then they kind of asked me what they wanted me to do. I kind of had a project engineer in my mind, and the ops manager told me, have you ever thought about this. He gave me this really good sounding job description, where I would be helping the sales men and estimator with jobs. Then I would be allowed to work on engineering projects also. Smile with tongue out

I really liked the job, and the offer should be really good from what I see. They will pay me what I am asking for.’’

So I went to take a drug test after that, I went to a quest diagnostics in hayward, it was in a refurbished apartment. Like the picture I took above. Smile However that one didn’t do drug tests, so I had to go to a different spot. I went all the way to fremont to get my drug test done.

So they will try to get me stuff as soon as I pass my drug test. We will see how they do.

What is fun about being laid off, is random friends call me. Especially old co-workers that I hung out with. They called me more often.

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