Funemployment 1st Interview

So my first company was in San Jose, it is an EMCOR Company, which is the  biggest mechanical contractor in the US. Mostly because they buy up more companies and put it under their “umbrella” corporation name.

What was interesting about the company was how the secretary at the door was a computer monitor. It had a webcam, and the digitalize person would talk to you and you press buttons which would send your phone call to the right person.

The interview went pretty well, it was interesting how they asked me so many technical questions. It was like they didn’t think I knew my stuff, which I wouldn’t be surprised, but I did find it interesting. Especially since I was recruited there by a PM.

It was pretty interesting, they did give me offer 4 hours later in the day. However I turned the first number down because they really lowballed me. My number I had given them was on the low end.

Originally the number they offered was the pay I had 3 years ago. Sad smile Which really made me kind of mad, because I actually was not a P.E. or had as much experience as now. So it didn’t make any sense for why they would pay me that, unless they didn’t want me to do as much. They did call later and raised it but to a half value between my asking price.

This will be an interesting week, because I will be getting a lot of interviews and offers.

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