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Here are some fun stuff to talk about.
Yesterday, I was driving out of the parking lot, and I see this piece of paper on my windshield. I thought it was just a piece of advertisement, but when I touched the paper, it was the nicer paper. So I opened it, and it was a letter where some engineering company was looking to rent a corolla model (1993-1997 model) for a day. It was a really weird kind of request. They would just take pictures and measurements of the car because I think the company was doing some kind of auto damage assessment.

So I take that letter and just drive to my lab, and leave it on top of my backpack. Then my lab partners come in and Tell sees it and reads it and says “you should just give them your car to make that 150 dollars,” but I really don’t want to. Then he goes and tells Heather, she sees the letter, and then sees the name of this engineering aide business card behind it. And she goes “I know that guy, he’s my facebook stalker”. She tells how she was in lab and doing stuff on the computer and talking to people in the class, and that guy was in the room also. So she left, and the guy went and used her computer. He went onto facebook, and she had forgot to sign out, so he looked through her history and found out who she was and then sent her an email saying “I would like to meet you”. And she thought that was really creepy, because he could have said hello to her, instead he goes through the internet.

I also went up to the hanger to do some machining, and it takes so long to use the mill, because it took around 20 minutes to set up the mill. Then only 5 minutes to run my machine through. But this mill that we were using was the one with 9 handles on it, and some really ineffienciently designed parts. The Y-axis handle has to be folded in, or else the Z-axis handle will not be able to rotate without hitting it.

Finally, I did a lot of my design project iwth my group outside on the grass. It was really nice and sunny, and I do something that hurts my hand. I have my wagon shaft in my hand, with the handle cut in half with a spring in the middle. So I decide in my mind to say “I declare this land mine” and pretend to stick my shaft into the grass. I’m holding the shaft around the spring. From that, I pinch my skin, and there is a little red marks on the inside of my hand where the event happened..

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