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Wow, I haven’t updated in a long time. I think it was because i was barely home for the pass week, but was using the time to study.

My senior project report was done, and it cost us 60 dollars to make copies of it. It ended up being around 100 pages long. The first 35 pages were writing, then we had 10 pages of calculations, and then the rest were solidworks drawing.

The fastest place that sends stuff is McMaster-Carr. My lab partners and our sponsor bought the stuff last week on thursday at around 2pm, and it arrived at his place the next day at 11am. Now I have to go around looking to see if I need to buy stuff for the rest of the senior project.

What are my plans for the week? I actually don’t know, but I’m going to relax and do whatever is interesting. So today, I played some basketball with myself. Just like Edris, I tried to simulate a whole college basketball game, but I think i got to 10-9 full court by myself before I got tired. Especially, when I run up and down the court both ways. It means I need to get in shape if I’m going to be playing intramural softball in the outfield.

My favorite thing to do is just lie down in the grass and stare at the clouds in the sky. I go to the park right down the street from my house. Then I lay down in the shade of the trees and stare at the sky, and do some pushups and crunches, and then watch the clouds. The only problem today was that there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, so all i saw was a light blue wash across the sky. So I just slept in the grass.

Since my mom is so into dancing, I see all these dancing dvds lying around. So I watched what was in the dvd player, so now I know how to do basic line dancing. I can do a really good electric slide. With some flourishes added. =).

I think like an engineer/artist when I drive home. As i was driving home yesterday I get bored when i drive. So to keep me interested, I stare at the mountains and the scenary. Then in my mind I think how I would draw it in watercolors, color pencils, or just in pastels. Along with that I also start thinking of fluid mechanics of the cars in front of me. Especially when there is a motorcyclists behind me. I like watching how the wind changes as he gets closer to me and feels the turbulence that my car is creating for him.

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