I think there is a sickness going around, because my lab partner heather looked sick. But she was much better then when I talked to her on thursday, because on that day she sounded as if she was out of breath. She would say 3 or 4 words and sound exhausted and out of breath. It was really funny to see her talk, because it made everything she said sound like it was a “life or death situation, where she ran 100 miles to tell me the news”.

Becca was making fun of the type of decisions I made seem so big. So after AACF I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I could either go to Boomshack and we would record and play Dota, or I could go to the Boonies, and they were watching a movie, and since their electricity is paid for by the owner, the place is always really nice and warm. So this was the decision I was thinking hard and long about, and she thought it was really funny how I was analyzing it so carefully.

After careful deliberation, I chose what I would always choose. I went to Boomshack to play and record. So Kenny and I stayed up playing, and I just slept over at their place, because I had to meet my lab partners in hte morning. My internal clock was working really well, because I woke up right at 8:15, when I wanted to wake up at 9:am. Since the meeting wasn’t until 10am, I had nothing to do. So I went to their family room turned on their tv and washed their dishes. =).

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