AACF softball

Just came back from the library after a good AACF softball game. We suck, or we are very rusty. But I found out I have a lot of range. I can almost cover the whole outfield if I sprint. Because we had girls at the corner spots, and I was in center. The only nice thing was that they hit it all to centerfield. So I caught all my balls (except for one where i was so tired that I didn’t close my glove while running in and it jumped out.

And I have a lot of good baseball instincts. Or I just like to run towards the ball. Because I actually run towards 2nd on grounders to backup the 2nd baseman. So I was able to throw out someone running to 3rd because she saw the ball go through the 2nd baseman’s leg. But I was sprinting in and threw it to 3rd. So eventually, the other team hit the ball to the other sides of the field.

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