Football bruise and Children Sunday School

I should blog in order from the top of the day to the bottom of the day.

So as you may remember, I actually bought all the kids some of the stuff I saw on the paper. Well dums dums and silly bands, Everything else was not there, and guess what, they don’t like littlest pet shop, =O. So I now have littlest pet shop toys in my room. I’m going to line up my wall with it.

Anyways we were talking about Moses and how water came from a rock when he hit it. So I did an illusion, with my rock and made water appear. The 4th graders really liked it, and I guess the stuff the children sunday school principal has been telling me about teaching 4th graders is working so much better. I now figured out why I was sucking so much at teaching Children Sunday School now than 2 years ago.

As for football, oh my. It was dangerious today. I think Dennis is going to be injury prone on the ankle, he sprained his ankle again today. Good thing we had another person sitting on the sidelines. He didn’t have any clothes but we almost convinced Dennis to take off his shorts so the other person could wear it and play. However, we found another pair of shorts from someone else’s bag.

The only bad thing that sucks about being light in football is that i go flying really far if i get tackled. I caught a come back pass, started juking to my right to get pass a defender. Then from behind another guy catches me as I start to try to accelerate, then he turns and throws me around. I did get another 5 yards from falling to the ground. Doug said that was a well earned last few yards. =)

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