what should i talk about today

I’m not sure. Let’s go try to remember what happened.
Ah, do you remember seeing that commercial for DHL. For a while today, i thought that was happening in front of my house. Except it was only UPS and Fedex. I heard a truck in front of my house, I thought it was the garbage truck, but it was just the Fedex truck going to my neighbor’s house. So anyways, i went outside to get the mail, just as the truck was driving down the road. Then i looked down the street and i could see another fedex truck driving through the intersection. Then I walk back to my house, and walk up to my room. And i hear another truck, and i see a UPS truck drive by my house. So many delivery trucks. It’s like this every once in a while.

Then i was sitting around playing with my guitar and the guitar program on my computer. So i was playing “layla” the Eric Clapton with Derek and the Dominios version. It wasn’t too bad. I need to practice more, because i played a little bit too slow. I just need to increase my tempo a little quicker. So i sat there and recorded the part for the 1st guitar. Then i sat around and started recording the 2nd guitar. It got frustrating when my music didn’t sound as clean or as good as i wanted it to be. So eventually i got lazy and started recording in small segments, and copy and pasting it to make it longer.

My sister wants me to help her put up the “i sing bad” song on her xanga. I’m debating on that. If i do let her put it up, i’m going to replay it. So the sound is much cleaner and I’ll add a 2nd guitar part to make the song sound even more interesting.

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