I’m a little ticked off at my lab partner. He’s lucky that I don’t get mad easy becuase I’m giving him a pass right now. But now I want to go play some game like WWE and have my wrestler beat someone up. So this is what happened. We were working on our project, and he says “I’ll come meet you can work on it”. He then comes an hour late, and we get some stuff done. And he says he will go to office hours tomorrow, because I can’t make it because of class. So I go to class the next day, and I don’t see him in class, so I know in the back of my mind that he didn’t go to office hours. What that means is that later at night when we are working on our project, it doesn’t work at all, becuase everyone got their project to work during office hours. I’m still livid, becuase our project didn’t even work this morning. Whew, now I feel much better because I vented.

I did a lot of stuff last week, but there was so much stuff that I don’t really remember them all, but I did go to boomers, and I’m crazy with the gun games.

Currently as a 5th year, I have been getting lazy, such as on Sunday, I didn’t do any homework. I ended up staying all day at Gary, Gabe, Ivan’s place watching tv and playing games at their house. So if anyone wants to find me on weekends or days i’m don’t have school. Its going to be at their house.

The cable guy came today to fix our cable, but I was watching the A’s vs Twins playoff game. And during hte bottom of the 8th and 9th inning the cable guy kept on cutting out hte cable, because they were getting too much static. So I was so curious about what was happening while hte cable guy was fixing it.

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