busy bee day

I sometimes think that I’m like a robot. I motivate myself to do things early in the morning when I’m still really tired. On friday night after AACF , I went to Gary , Gabe, Ed, Ivan’s house . I had sent all my packages there, so I had these two large packages for my keyboard. The first one was my keyboard the second one was my stand and petal. I’ve been playing that keyboard since then, and it plays really well. But I was at their house watching “Thank you for smoking”, and I thought that movie was hilarious, especially with the way the guy spun words around. I think I got back to my place at around 2.

Today in the morning, I woke up at around 8am. Then I had to go to school and take my gwr (graduation writing requirement test). It was from 9-11:30am. Our topic was “should high schools release the names of their high school students to military recruits?”.

Right after that, at around 1 Iwent over to the park to play some football with AACF and Lamda people. It was fun because I was on the upper classman team. And all the freshman are easier to tackle, so I actually could tackle those people easily. But I wasn’t wearing cleats so i had no traction at all. I actually slip on the grass and landed straight on my butt on one play. The astonishing thing was that the upper classman team lost. I can’t believe it, but I do know why. Our qb’s weren’t very good. What makes me kind of mad, was that the qb never threw me the ball once. Actually, he never looked at me, and some of the other guys were wondering why he didn’t pass the ball to me, becuase I’m skilled enough to make things happen. So we lost.

It was the men’s meat party after footbal, they bougth a lot of meat, there was tri-tip, ribs, and sausages. With a lot of drinks, chips, beans, and other stuff. Then we had mad game of scrabble, and some random games.

I’m getting tired, so I’m goign to quickly end the night by saying that I then went to Gary’s house, and we played around in his studio and made some music.

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