Edna and Aeries BBQ … . Engagement?


So Sherri’s friend Edna had a birthday for her boyfriend Aries. They have only been dating for a little over 2 months.  Since Valentines day.  Today, I went to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday at a park in mountain view. Some reason, I make fun of his name because it rhymes really well. So I call him the greek god, aeries dairies, and some other fun names. I even joked about wearing a toga.

I made a skewer for the bbq, it was pretty funny watching sherri cook it. I guess the people manning the BBQ when I got there, were not the same people that cooked the original food. Mostly because they didn’t seem to cook my food enough. So I ended up cooking it. Sherri was really surpirsed that I knew what I was doing, because I had to lower the grill over the flames.  

I also brought watermelon all cut up to the picnic (a big hit)


So we come to the best part of the BBQ, the cake time. While he is changing in the restroom, we pull out the pie cake, and set it up with the candle. As you can tell from the picture, he took a long time in the restroom, because the candles are really really low.

Once he came out, he was told to make a wish before he blew out the candles. However, he took a good 2 minutes to think about the wish before he blew out (People were urging him to make a wish). Then, he just kind of stood there after, and I started to yell “tell us your wish” because he wasn’t doing anything. Sherri looked at me and went “don’t make him tell us”. Then I told her “he took so long, and he was overthinking it so he might as well tell us the wish”. So I yelled “Speech”. ….

Then guess what? He starts to sway and says “My wish is to be with you Edna today, tomorrow, and forever …. will you marry me?” The girls next to us gasp, the guy said “wow they have only been dating 2 months”. Then Edna thought about it and said “Yes”. that make me go she was thinking about it, or not expecting it.

Later that night, I was talking to sherri and she found out that she should go with her gut instinct like me. How I knew something awesome will happen. But she found out that Aries had proposed to Edna 1 month ago, so they were secretly engaged, waited until today to reveal it. Only pastor James knew about it. Oh Edna, she tricked Sherri for a good month. So now Sherri thinks I have really good instincts.

IMAG2218Look at all these lovely girls. The sad part was two of the guys were in sweats, so we have some weird looking engagement picnic photos.



Oh those indonesians, they went “that is how we roll” when talking about how aries proposed so fast.

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