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So us my side hobby this quarter, I’ve been busy building little animations. So I did finally finish those 3 15-30 clips for conal’s documentary project. I wonder if it is his senior project, but it must be something important, becuase he told me how he has to go and interview all these people for it, and they will show it to the San Francisco Health Department. I think that’s what he said.

So today during my lab, both my lab partner and I could not possible figure out what was wrong with our calculations. So we were in the teachers office hour for one hour trying to figure it out. And another interesting tidbit, was the guy sitting across from me in my lab was telling us how he was taking 25 units this quarter (i think he is graduating this quarter) but just trying to survive the quarter.

Hmm, something is wrong right now in my room. I think its because my roommate is asleep. And he should not be sleeping earlier than me, becuase I have class at 7 am… Okay, that means i should sleep. Night

Nevermind, I still have something to blog. So I was trying to think, wouldn’t it be cool to have a theme song. Like gob. So i was sitting around playing the guitar and began making stuff up. Then I decided to play some 80’s song, so I was playing “tainted love”, because conal told me how some singer rihanna had this song using the tainted love beat.

Finally, does anyone have this same habit as me? If i’m sitting on my bed, I automatically get tired and go to sleep, no matter what time of day it is. I did that today, I was sitting on my bed at around 6pm, because the sun was going down and I just wanted the last drops of sunlight as i was reading. So i finished reading, and then went to sleep. And woke up one hour later.

Then I had one of those nightmares, and I told vinesh about it and he said “Andrew, your nightmares are weird and crazy.” Its a good thing, I have a roommate, because when i wake up I’m all confused about what is happening. What would scare me the most if i woke up is if my roommate was just standing there staring at me. I remmeber how my cousin had a nightmare once while I was sleeping over. He was dreaming about spiders crawling all over his body and he was talking out loud and moving his arms all over his body trying to get it off. So I had to wake him up, but it took a while to shake him awake.

And for some reason, I have a bunch of random floating around in my mind. I think that is what happens when I go and read the odd news in yahoo news, and all the technology info, and then catch up on pop culture by watching half an hour of mtv.

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