Day 4: Photoshoot in Oia

So today is the day we go to Oia. I had forgot to bring my driver’s license, so I could not rent a car. Sherri was angry at me, however, it might have been a blessing in disguise. It was crazy how small the roads are. I think that more than 50% of the side streets are really just one way roads that somehow has cars driving in both directions on them.


So because we did not have a car, I had to find a way to get to Oia to meet our photographer. Our photographer was named Giannis giannist photographer, and he was able to help me out by picking us up and bringing us to the Airbnb. Which was super nice of him to do at 8:00am in the morning.

Here we are at our hotel in perissa taking early morning pictures to prepare for our photoshoot.

The hotel had a very resort look to it and was pretty nice.

Here is my happy best friend showing how happy she is.

So Giannis picks us up and brings us all over . I think we ended up at fira, imerovigli, a beach and then Oia. He made us laugh, because I was not sure if he thought we were on a honeymoon or something, because it looked like he was a little taken back with our clothing.

First thing we did was get up to the top to take the above pictures. It was around 8am and it was pretty barren except for a few Asian people taking pictures. Giannis was telling us how we have to get to these places early before it gets too busy.

The one really interesting thing is how Greek people are tall and have really big strides. So they can walk up and down these cobblestones so easily.

One of the nice thing about having Giannis take us around is he showed us where to eat and because he knew everyone, he could get us into places that we’re locked off to most people.

The one scary thing about the photoshoot was the edge photos, when we were standing there, Sherri was really scared. So she started holding me tighter, which starts to make me shake. Making it really scary for me too!

The only bad thing about our photoshoot was that it got ridiculously hot at around 11am, so my back was all wet when we came back at the end to take a noon time nap.

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