arrested development

I can watched arrested development all day. Last night, we just hung out eating potstickers, awful chicken nuggets, drank orange juice, and watched 7 episodes of season one. My favorite part is Joe doing his magic trick, with him always coming out to the final countdown music and start dancing. Throwing his magic cards and dancing.

Speaking of illusions, I think I will buy a new magic trick. There’s two of them on my mind, one of them makes me look cool, the other one will amaze girls. I’m looking at a wallet that makes fire when i open it up. But i have reservations about it, because I wonder what would happen if for some reason someone else opened the wallet and actually burned it. Or, there is the magic wand that can turn into a rose, or handerchief that could do that. Only problem is that usually these illusions don’t work as well with me, because my hands are much smaller and there requires me to have to use more skills to create the effects.

Hmm, classes start next week. I can already feel it, because several people have started calling me asking me things about classes, rooms, and if they can borrow my books.

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