I was at the woodshop yesterday passing my woodshop safety test. So now i can use the craft center wood working stuff. So I think my design group spent a good solid 5 hours working on it. We made some good progress. I would show pictures if we had any. The only problem with us right now is that, we have one guy who is more picky then the rest of us. So he changes a lot on the fly, and because he seems to be that is the most picky he is also the most particular also. And becuase of that, he has never drawn out a picture.

Its not that he unofficially took over and became the leader of the group. Its more that, we all put in ideas, and his idea was voted as the most usable idea. So he has all the stuff stuck in his mind. So I hope we finish this by thursday, because Todd and I were at the craftcenter waiting for them, but they never showed up so. And we were unable to get a hold of them. So we just left after half an hour.

The condo that we are living at has one of those key boxes in front of the house. So I forgot my keys today. So I went back to my place, and thought. It’s a good thing that this box is here. So I put in the combination and pull out the key. Then I put it into the door, and then I found out that a key is missing. So I’m still locked out. I see two keys, and one is a mailbox key. And there are two locks on my door. Eventually, after pounding my head on the door long enough my roommate opens the door for me.

As I was walking on campus today. There were two large displays. One in the UU and one on Dexter’s lawn. And there were big signs that said “graphic images ahead”. Then I saw the word genocide and thought Darfur. But then I walk up and see its a giant display against abortion. They had these brochures and other stuff, with a lot of bit 10 x 10 photos of fetuses and babies. It made me sad seeing all these pictures.

Finally, time to get cracking for my lab finals.

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