Christmas in Solvang

To Celebrate Sherri’s Birthday Month, I took her to what i thought would be one of her favorite places. I found a place that had very european style houses, with a lot of Christmas decorations around everywhere. Which meant, i would take her to Solvang! It is actually a really long drive, because the traffic down there is super bad on a friday night.


I was only able to book this place called Vacations-Inn. It was a pretty good place, and the nice part is that because it is really close to downtown, we could just walk down there. Sherri told me that by just driving around the place at night (we arrived at 10pm) she knew that this place was a dream come true.


The weather for Solvang on saturday was really nice. It was around 58 degress with minimal wind, and a nice clear day. All the buildings in the city looked like the picture i took above. I talked with Sherri about what type of houses we would love to live in, if i could build a house. I ended up saying that I would still prefer mediterranian style to this tutor/european style. She liked these houses more.


The first place i went to was a Renaissance Antique shop, It was one of the greatest antique shop i ever saw. It had these beautiful clocks and lamps everywhere.


The clocks were amazing, and i realized that I really love mechanical machines!


Sherri and I had another beautiful selfie outside.


This is the oldest building in Solvang. It is a buffet place that just serves Danish Food. I love the shields and the setup of the building.


The bakery is so pretty, and it has some of the most beautiful desserts.


Here is some food that we ate, like belgium waffle.


Christmas in solvang is super cute! The lights are everywhere, and gives the place a super charming christmas feel.


I really wanted to sit in that carousel for at least 5 minutes.


There was a light show at night, which played music throughout the city. My favorite part of that night was dancing with Sherri when one of the christmas songs was playing. Sherri told me that a guy and his wife saw us dancing and it make him go kiss his wife and dance with her also. That was so charming.

We also did a candlelight tour of solvang and we saw clips from an upcoming hallmark movie for next year “christmas in solvang”. I think that will be really beautiful movie, because it will make me think of this Christmas that we celebrated this year.



Then to end the night, I took sherri to first and oak for a fancy birthday dinner. The hotel/Inn looked like something out of a hallmark movie for a hotel room. I loved the food too, and it was super delicious.

Overall, i think this weekend out at Solvang was really great for Sherri and helped her feel so much better about Christmas because of all the issues she had at work. I also found the place to be really enjoyable because it is more of a small town that didn’t really have any “landmarks” or “essentially things to visit” that you had to do out there so it felt like a real town. It also made Sherri feel very loved, and fulfilled her dreams so that made me really happy too.

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