November = Art/Crafts Time

So one of the bad things about november is that the weather is cold, and the daylight is short, so this has caused me to go into my build mode. Sherri has been spending a lot of her time sending postcards to people in other countries. So I have been buying a lot of antique papers and books.


I found this book which was made in 1895. It is a bunch of black and white drawings of cities around the world. So Sherri has been making scans of random pictures like thes to put into the postcards she sends.


These are the pictures that i saw inside the system. Since i had just gone to italy and barcelona, I recognized a lot of the pictures that were drawn in there.

Anyways, I guess you must be wondering what is so special about these postcards that are being created. Isn’t it just a single card that has a picture on it? I wish, but it is not that. It is actually more complicated, A envelope is scent that is filled with a postcard and random pieces of paper’s and other things.


I made a “postcard” for a vendor that is retiring. Imagine her cards to look like what i’m trying to make but with 2–3 more items, also looking maybe 25% better. It is a pretty expensive hobby, because each card that is scent costs me $1.15. 🙂

While my wife is doing that, I have been able to spend more time working on magic tricks, and building a new magical box.


It is going to take a while to finish this trick box, mostly because i have come across a couple issues that I am currently trying to figure out.When i finish it,i’ll blog about it. So I really am enjoying all this arts/crafts time with my wife, because it will not always be like that once we have children.

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