Chinese New Years

At home for the weekend and Chinese New Years. I’m catching up on a lot of sleep, but i’m not doing much work. I’ll need to catch up later.

Today, I had to do some little chores around the house, suck as wash my clothes and dishes. I also ended up fixing a doorknob, washing 2 cars, fixing a watch, repairing a broken tape , and tightening up some gadgets that my parents left for me to fix. I guess that is what they expect me to do because i’m the engineer.

Interesting thing happened to me on my way to pick up my sister. I went to target to see if I could buy a wagon, but I couldnt’ find one that fit our appropriate needs. So I then when to Burger King to get my sister some food because she was taking amtrak back. As I was walking into the burger king store, I walk by some guy trying to jimmy his car open. He comes and gets me to help him (i’m not sure how it happened, but he comes asking me to help him) I then help him try to pry his door open enough for him to use a metal rack to lift up the lock. Then I go and get some food from burger king and I get to the hayward station 2 minutes before she arrives. =).

I accidently broke a string, and lost one because it fell off my hand in my room. So I have less strings for my magic tricks.

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