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I was walking around the campus today, and have started moving labs to the new building. Walking near the engineering west building I walk past the fluids lab and see that all the desks and half the equipment in there were gone. So i go do a double take and actually walk inside to see what was still there.

My mechatronics class will not be taught anymore, so the teacher was saying “just go into the robotics top floor and grab whatever equipment you need for your project. So we get to the robotics room and go around upstairs looking for stuff. There was a lot of equipment up there, I jumped over some boxes and got into the middle and started looking for goodies. There were a lot of unopened plc equipment that we could use. We ended up grabbing some really big ‘heavy duty’ sensors.

What did I do for valentines day? Actually, I didn’t do anything interesting, because I don’t have a girlfriend. But last night for small groups we baked the girls small group a funfetti cake, folded paper cranes, and kenny put out some money to get pink roses for them. I wanted to write poetry, but I got vetoed, so we ended up writing some postive comment on those paper cranes.

I’m getting excited because i am almost 100% certain i will graduated by june. Passed my gwr, and will take my E.I.T test in april and everything is falling into place like a tetris block to finish off college.

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