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I feel very accomplished this week because I survived it well. Thursday was extremely long and painful. I didn’t get back home until 9pm.

The lab that really makes me cringe is the controls lab. It is a fairly easy lab if you know what you are doing, but since this is the first time that we are doing labs like this, we have no idea if we are correct. My favorite part is how we think our lab is being done correctly, because our data doesn’t look that good. Then the teacher comes over and says “that’s right, you are doing it correctly”.
It was really fun in the lab, because the group next to us joked and made fun of each other so much. They would not know why something was not working, and might ask me and my lab partner. And I would say something that they forgot to do, and one of the guys would then say “you know, that’s exactly what I tried to tell him, but he didn’t believe me” (in joking).
As for my lab partner and I, I’m not sure what’s really happening, but I can figure out what to do, while my lab partner is more confused then I. So I usually just do most of the instruction following, and we pray that our numbers work out correctly. That was all done from 3-6pm.

In my senior seminar class, my group had to give a presentation to the class. When we had divided up the powerpoint sheets the night before, I didn’t notice how much info was on both my slides. So on friday morning, I spoke for around 3 minutes, while my other partners had only around 2 minutes total together. My speaking part went fairly well, but I did lose my concentration during my speech. I was looking at someone when I was presenting and I guess I was trying to think of their name and I couldn’t remember my next point. The problem was that I’m fairly confident in my speaking ability, so I had walked most of the way over, and was standing really close to the white pull down screen that had the projections imaged onto it. I was at the angle where I could not see the screen without having to fully turn my head. To me I had an awkward moment for me, because I had no idea what i was going to say, and I wasn’t really talking either. So I just turned my head to the right and took a quick glance at the screen, and then turned my head all the way to the left and looked at my lab partners to create the effect that I was scanning the whole class to make it appear that my next point would be important. When I talked to Derek after class, he thought I spoke well, and didn’t really notice what I messed up.

I got in a catching and throwing session with Jon. From what we saw when we were throwing and catching with each other, I can throw the ball fairly hard, while Jon currently has lost his ability to throw the ball with zip. We were throwing a softball by the way, so it would be a little slower then if I was throwing a baseball. But anyways, every throw that Jon threw, had some loft into it. While, my throws had some zip, because we heard this whirling sound from the ball as i threw it. So we will be holding more practices to see if we can field an intramural team. I wish I could control how my ball moves, because my ball has some nice action. My seams were spinning at around 45 degrees so my ball would rotate to the left and right sometimes.

After AACF, I went to the Eto’s house to play video games with Kenny. I was really hungry so I thought, I’ll go get breakfast food from Jack in the Box. With my meal in hand, I walk in and see Kenny in front of his computer eating a breakfast sauage croissant from Jack in the Box, and that was the meal I almost bought. Then 5 hours later we were still playing video games.

I wonder why I said okay to having a group meeting with my lab partners at 8am, because I went to sleep at 5am. Through the use of an alarm clock, I actually made it to the meeting room before either of my lab partners got there. Even though I had the least amount of energy.

Finally, I have a bruise on my ankle, because I landed funny. Will was showing me how to do a breakdance move, but he isn’t as springy as me. So he had a hard time doing it. But essentially the move was if I was doing a cartwheel, but holding myself with one hand up, and then using the other arm to touch my leg (which are straight), then I fell onto my ankle too hard.

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