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Okay, i haven’t blog in a long time, and it’s not because i don’t like to blog. It’s because i don’t want to use the computer. So i go on the computer every other day just to check my e-mail, and fantasy football. Anyway, I’ve seen my grades for this quarter,and it happens to look like the black hole. Anyway, let me just skip that and fast forward to good times.

Well, on Sunday, after church, i went to watch Lord of hte Rings with Jeff, and vinesh. So we tried to get 2:00 tickets, but those were sold out and it was sold out all the way until 4:10. There were 4 showings inbetween, that were all sold out. It was a really good movie. I really liked the background, and legalos had some cool fight scenes. Eventually, the movie finished, and it was 8:00. So we started looking for food to eat, and we got some little caesar pizza’s for 5 dollars. And went to the park at 10:00pm to eat them.

I’ve been reading my guitar book also. And i finished reading about power chords, and it is really easy to play songs with a rock tune to them now. Vin was at my place, and we rock with our 2 guitars. We need to find a drumset and start drumming, or we need a cool drum machine.

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