another update

Okay, time for me to catch up for all the time i’ve missed. I know all you want to read something and think i update a lot. So i will update right now.

I had my fluids test on friday, and it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t hard, it was just that i didn’t have enough time to do much on the test. But after EE class, i went to download Slo to mail another package. I thought it was kind of quick how i sold my economics book so fast. I put it up on wednesday and it was sold on friday morning. So i went to the post office and sent the book. Nice and quick.

Then it was off to AACF retreat. Dlee gave me a ride to the retreat. The AACF retreat was at lopez canyon which is 5 miles away from calpoly, but it is on the other side of the mountains so it takes around an hour to get there. We arrived at the retreat site around 7:00. It then started to rain so most people were inside the conference room. We had a speaker who alby knew, alex from his home church in San diego. I thought he was a decent speaker, gave a lot of good points. But i would have liked him to expand a little bit more.

During small group, I had an opportuinty to lead it. We had a really informative time of sharing.

On saturday, it was pouring. It was cold, and i couldn’t smell the fresh scent of hte woods. The thing that i didn’t like was how the water was natural stream, and it had sulfer in it. So i took a shower, and came out smelling like sulfer and irish spring.

During our free time, we had a game of tackle football. On one of hte plays, i tried to take down Allen (really big guy, at least 250) He got the football, and i broke through the line, and i went towards his leg. I have a hard time tackling people who are not moving towards me and laterally. He goes wide and i’m in a 2 point stance going towards his leg, and i only get my left arm around his leg, and his leg goes into my left knee, as i’m trying to swing around and tackle him. But he breaks the tackle and keeps on rumbling. I get up and i have this giant bruise on my knee. As I get up i see its all nice and green. But then i go back and play more football, and i only feel it, but i don’t see it anymore.

Then arthur was nice enough to cut my hair. He told me about grooming cream. It is like gel but keeps your hair soft.

After coming back from the retreat, I felt refresh and all renewed.

Today, i woke up really late, and did not do much at all. WAtched tv and tried to do homework. Took me a long time to do a homework.

I don’t like charter cable internet here, it keeps on breaking up every once in while. And it usually breaks up for 5 seconds during the show and not during commercial. =(.

My roommate used his tax refund to buy a new tv, so now we have a bigger tv in the living room. It was heavy, he said it was 175 pounds.

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