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mondays are those cold days, it was cold this morning. For some reason, i wanted to go around and say “happy valentine”, but i didn’t have the guts to. So i just kept to myself and kept on smiling.

Anyway, it was funny in my ME class. My teacher was late to class, and at the end of class we had to pick up a handout. So we all just left class to his room to pickup the handout, and we found out that he didn’t have it there, so 30 students were walking down the stairways and standing around for 15 minutes waiting for our teacher to make us copies of a sheet of paper.

Nothing really interesting was happening today. It was really nice at 1-2 o clock, so i decided to study outside on a patch of grass. I think i should bring a lawn chair or something with me, because it gets tiring sitting without any back support. So i tried laying down and holding my fluids book above, but that got tiring after a while. I found a tree and tried to lean against it, but the tree doesn’t feel good, and the roots hurt my butt.

AFter studying for a while, i just laid on my back and looked at hte sky and fell asleep. When i woke up 35 minutes later, it was really cold, the wind was blowing hard. The shadow had crept over me, and i was shivering. I somehow caught the shivers because throughout my thermal systems class, i would shiver once in a while for no reason.

I did better on my thermal test then i thought i would. I was afraid that i did bad, but it ended up I did a little better then the average.

Haha, my roommate and i have this running joke going. We have this joke aobut how on tv, they have the skills to go in reverse and put them back toegher. Yesterday, we were watching on building demolition, and we watched the building get demolish, and then go in reverse. And the joke is that my roommate thinks “I’m unable to break apart and put myself back together.” Which is true, but if i was on video i could do it.

My roommate always says “i’m in your brain”, because he seems to know what i’m going to say. I bet he just reads my body language before i speak, because i do that open. I make some gestures before i talk, becuase i try not to speak straight out. NEed time to organize my thoughts.

I looked at my facebook, and i need to put my picture on there so people know that i’m there. =). I don’t like having that question mark for a face.

finally, i put a michaelango on my desktop, and when i was working at the kitchen, i found out what a cheerleader feels, because I had to go grab a clock off the wall and fix it. So rick gave me a boost on one leg, and the other chef boosted my other leg. Then i jumped off. It’s kind of weird up there with two different people holding one leg, i don’t know how i balaanced well at all.

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