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Babysitting is such a hard thing to do. I was trying to carry my baby cousin Ethan yesterday, and that kid likes the carry of certain people. I did good at the beginning, but I guess I don’t hold him the same way his mom holds him. That kid starts moving around and throwing his arms everywhere, usually into my neck.

Anyways, there were the two boys in my room. One I am carrying, the other one Matthew is 7 years old, so he’s just running around tyring to play with whatever i have in my room. Eventually I think of something and say “do you want to draw?” Pull out those huge butcher paper, and markers and let him draw. Once he finished it, he said “this is a picture of the house, and I want you to hang it on the wall so that the next time I come over I can see it”. In my mind, I went “oh no!”. My auntie comes in and says “he also pointed which wall too, so you better have it up next time or else he will be sad”. =)

The best part is how my cousin Matthew tried to write my name, i ended up being Anjroo.

In the office today I was trying to help the panel builder check his panels. They gave him a crazy schedule to finish everything, and he’s staying late to finish it all too. =(

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