Wow, I pulled almost an all nighter. I was in the lab all day and night getting my project to work, and we found out it was because of one line of code that I had erased. It made so much trouble that we didn’t figure it out until this morning.

I took a 2.5 hour nap at around 4:30-7:00 am. I was sleeping in my car, and I will never ever sleep in a car at night again, becuase it is so cold. That I woke up after 2 hours because it was cold and turned on the heat in the car to defrost.

Well, as for the results of my bot, it sucked, becuase it didn’t do anything good at all. Unlike the video I showed you yesterday, it just goes straight across and off the table.

Johnny and that house play some weird game that Ivan showed them. But you have to be in the group when they do it, but if they tap someone on the neck on the left side of their face they have to fall down and die for 10 seconds. So Ed tried to get Johnny as a group of little kids were walking by. Its kind of funny, becuase you just see them fall down for no reason and stay on the floor for 10 seconds. And everyone looks at them weird.

I still have some energy today, but I turn narcolyptic while I was typing my report. I would type and all of a sudden my eyes close and I don’t remember what I wrote. Unlike when my eyes are heavy, but I still hear and think about what hte teacher says.

Finally, I noticed that when I’m trying to stay up, if I make it through certain parts of the day, I get another boost of energy. So I don’t feel tired right now, becuase my body is just running itself.

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