Yesterday at AACF the girls had a brother appreciation night. So they baked us all these goodies. Someone made cookies, and pancake cookies (I thought they were made with pancake batter, but it was just cookies that came out flat like a pancake). Because of that, I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

There were so many people going out to parties last night as I was walking back to my place from AACF at 11:30. I had to walk over several guys who were just laying on the floor in front of the stairs to my place. Today in the morning, I find a cell phone and some other junk at the foot of the stairs. So I think I’ll go and see if that cell phone works and call the person.

My roommate and I were throwing out some junk in the house. So we threw out a recliner, so we decide to go through the back door in my other roommates room. So we barely made it through his room, I’m not sure how you can fill the floor up with 2 inches of junk, but he did it.

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