So i noticed that there a lot of different bikes on campus. I think its funny when you see guys ride on those small trick bikes. It just looks funny how big they are compared to the smaller bike they were using. Then as i was leaving the library, there was a girl who didn’t lock her bike to the bike rack, becuase i was walking out right after she walked out and she pulled her bike out and went off.

I went to the “finding white identity”, PCF was putting it on, and my friend told me to go listen to him. So i went, and it didn’t really effect me, because i wasn’t white. I’ve always been called a minority. But when i talk to people, i don’t think of them as white or black or asian. My friend Chris was talking to me, and he said that when he thought of talking to me, he didn’t think of me as Asain Andrew, just andrew.

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