A little disappointed today

It was a nice and rainy day today. Anyways, I was out in the office for picture day. Not sure what the pictures are for, but it was interesting seeing how everyone waited until the last minute to take their picture. It only took 30 seconds too.

Much easier than taking yearbook pictures.


Random picture from last sunday.


Anyways down to my disappointment of the day. I was suppose to have a friend/acquaintance come in as a new housemate. In early february, I gave him a couple weeks to decide if he wanted to live with me. He said for certain without a drought that he wanted to live with me and told me to reserve the room for him. The irony of the part was how he said “you don’t want me to sign a contract right now?”. I told him, that since I know you, and you are my friend, I think we can sign the contract when you move in. We will just have a gentlemen’s agreement right now, as we finalize the paperwork.

He was suppose to move in at the end of march (24th), so for the past 2 weeks I have been furiously finishign up my house for him to come in. Then guess what he does today, sends me an email and says “I changed my mind, becuase I might want to change jobs”. That ticked me off, and then he sends me an email later in the day going “maybe I will try to rent from you in a couple months”. =(

I am now really weary of wanting to rent to him, just becuase I think he is too fickle and will wafer in wanting to live with me. Then I think he will start changing his minds when we come to making rules for the house, unless I put everything on paper.

Ah, but I feel so much better now after writing about it. I wrote out everything I was thinking about,

and tomorrow I’m going to make my friends play murder handshake. =)

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