Weekend and Studying

Weekend was amazingly fun, which meant “no studying”.

On friday night, I had vinesh come over and help me work on the house. We did some painting and cleaning up of the garage, and cleaning of the restroom. Then I treated him to dinner. He is much cheaper help than my cousin =), just because he only needs to be treated out for dinner. While my college age cousin (who doesn’t work), so I usually pay him for helping me out, and I buy him dinner. =) (Just because my mom/auntie told me about how it would be a nice gesture to pay him for helping me out)


Saturday, there was a BBQ, and Dustin pushed the grill up and down the street half a mile. We ended up buying so much extra food. =)

Then I ended up at saddle rack that night with some other people from church. Worked on my line dancing, and I was the DD for the night. =) So that meant, 3 of the guys ended up sleeping at my house, and the best part was that we got to church on time the next morning, even with daylight savings time ending. (we went to sleep at 3am).

sunday, I ended up playing some basketball. However I didn’t bring any of my gear. What I did instead was go to Big 5 andbuy new shoes and shorts. =) While my 2 other friends went to get tapioca. I ran in bought the clothes, then walked across the street and waited as they drove by and picked me back up on their way back.

Because of that ,I did no studying. Which I will do now.

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