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For the weekend I did some stuff. On Saturday, I got to play some more football with Doug and his housemates. We played 2 on 2 football. It was pretty funny. Its kind of hard to drag those guys down, because they are a little bigger and stronger than me. So I just have to vince papale and just throw my whole body into them and fall to bring them down with me.

There must be a hole in Doug’s football, because when he throws a laser beam I hear a whistling. Too bad my finger is still a little swollen, so I’m having a hard time catching lasers, I can’t throw lasers either. Subconciously, my hand is not using my pinky, so I don’t get the sharp spiral.

Doug made a comment, that has forever stuck in my brain. I was really tired after 15 minutes of play because I didn’t have enough water in my system. Then Doug comes up to me and says “you don’t quite and take a rest in football, if you were kissing a girl you wouldn’t stop halfway and say “wait, I need to get some water”. So the next time Doug and I play football, I’m going to have to steamroll him.

Then I finished up my first watercoloring of the summer. I still have time to make several more to paint.

I must know my calculus fairly well now, because yesterday at church I was helping Ealeen with her calc homework, and just by looking at the problems I could naturally see what the answer shoud look like. I also gave her the painting that she wanted. For some reason, I think my drawings don’t look as good as they could be, and I don’t know why. Maybe its just because in my own mind, I see the drawing a little better then what I put out.

Also, I helped my parents clean out some of the garage and get rid of stuff that needed to be thrown away .

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