So I had bought tickets to see Mat Kearney. The week of daylight savings has made me tired. I went to a sharks game on Monday, and tonight was the concert.

I woke up at 8:30am and realize I overslept. My body’s natural cycle was working correctly. So that meant I got to work late.

So before the concert I was at my dad’s house trying to install a wireless printer. However, I ran out of time before leaving for the concert.


We got there around 7:50. So we just caught the end of the first show. Judah and the lion. They must have been really good, because everyone was raving about their show.

The next band was parachute. They were pretty cool too, I liked the story the guy said of him at 5 years old riding his tricycle in the city. His mom said to him a couple days ago when he said he was touring in the city. “all those hills you road up, you were pushed up the hill by me. I really liked the way he played with the crowd. Especially making everyone work on their vocal warm-ups.
The only bad thing about listening to songs live and really close is that I really am not sure what words they are saying. So I just make up words as I think he says them.


Mat Kearney put on a good 1.5 hour performance.  He played his new songs near the beginning. It was fun watching him. And I guess Sherri really likes her space because she and a couple of the other ladies were keeping people out. I don’t really care as much, I just like to huddle close to people. I touched the guys butt in front of me 2x, the mom’s hip next to me 4x, and I run arms with the girl on the left many times because she loved swinging her arms. I think there was another lady to my left behind that kept on getting me in the back of my ribs.


My three favorite moments of the night.

1- when mat Kearney ran into the crowd. He got touched so much, and I saw Sherri grab his shoulder. I was hoping someone would give him a wet willy. But he was having a lot of fun with the crowd.

2. Mat Kearney brought out judah and the lions, and they played a classic American song. With banjos and guitars. The song was “uptown funk” and it really got the crowd into a dancing move. So much so that at the end of the concert they played the song as everyone was leaving. And people were mostly just standing around dancing like they were at a dance party.
3- hearing my girlfriend and the other girls giggle when they made sure no other people snuck in around them.


Overall I would say that it was a really amazing concert. The crowd was really into it, and you could see it affect the performers. It push them to put on their best performance. They did all the dances, and I love the brother on the bass when he was grooving in the beats and just busting moves.


It was a good good night. And I see a lot of the same people riding on Bart . I look for the green wristband.

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