Crazy Driver Carnival Game

I would say that this week of work has been pretty dull. Smile The biggest thing that occurred was that I have been spending time trying to make a carnival game for the halloween event. It is going to be a crazy driver game, were it is really just a game where you want to get a ball to roll from the top to the bottom and fall into a box.


Here is a picture of the item I was working on once I had cut it. It is so hard to cut curves into a wood when all I have is a 6” circular saw. I had to make so many cuts to make it easy to get the curve to work. I realized that I can kind of curve a circular saw for all the outsides curves. While on the inside curves, I had a dremel cool that I used to smooth it out. While for the circles, I drilled a lot of holes in a circular pattern, and then I knocked out the pieces with a screwdriver and hammer to make the circle fall out. Then I used my dremel too to smooth it out.


I made it using 1/2″ pvc, and one piece of cardboard(for back), and the playing board, and some left over wood and glue for the little blocks, and leftover spraypaint, to make the “road”. I had 2 really long screws, and rubberbands for the board handle to lay on, and the board is connected to the pvc through 2 small L brackets on each spot. Why did I not use just one screw? Well I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to put a screw head in the middle of the road which might knocked a ball out if it hit it.

There is really only 3 modes I have to play it. It really is just the ball I used, for the easiest play, you would use a ping pong ball, for medium, you use a baseball, while for hard it is a softball. For some reason, the bigger balls are more sensitive to minor changes, so they pop off more because the board is really small. I play tested the game, and the softball I might win 10% of the time, the baseball one 40%, and ping pong ball is 80%.


So I was really happy with what I made. I think all the little kids will love it a lot.

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