Why I should not shop at Michaels

Well i thought I was done working out at Pixar, but there is just so many small little things to do check out and make sheets for that it keeps on pushing me back. Actually it is more, they keep on forgetting these things, so I end up having more and more to do. =)


After wearing my construction uniform, I don’t feel as self-concious in it as before. I guess when I was first wearing it, I kept on having this stigma I made up in my own mind that I was not going to be thought of as a dumb construction worker. Then I thought about it, and went “That is cool, if they think I am dumb, because then they will be more surprised when I throw out some math at them.” =).


Now for the fun part of the day. Being out in the field means I only get a 30 minute lunch. So I have to eat fast, but I usually eat at break at 10am. Which was this mash potato taco, so I was still pretty full at lunch time. Instead of going there, I decide to go to michaels.


What do I decide to get at michaels? I don’t know. So i’m walking aorund and it occurs to me that since my small group is meeting up for an outing. I should make them all cool “encouragement” postcards. Which means I walk around looking for card stock, paperpads with designs on it, stickers, and magnets (so they can hang it on the fridge). =). That is a good idea for things to buy.


Now for the impulse buys of the day. As I’m walking around, I see things that are always cool like the blank mighty muggs (those were so fun to paint, i made one of my friend. I should make one for myself). However I come across this thing “FUZZOODLES” which look kind of cool. So I buy it. Huge pipe cleaners. IMAG0307


That was impulse buy number 1. Then I reach impulse buy number 2. While waiting in line, I see that there are these sitting on the bottom of the shelf. IMAG0308

So I grab 5 of them, I guess the 2 moms behind me must have been watching me. They see that my eyes widened when I saw it, and I reached down to pick them up. Then as I’m walking forward, I see one of the moms picking up the pop rocks for herself, and saying “I haven’t had these in a while, i thought they were not made anymore”. So the two moms were talking about that when I was up to the cashier.

I influenced that mom into buying “pop rocks”. =).


Tonight, I had dinner with Sam “I am green eggs and ham” Yoo. Well he’s really just sam, but he always was given some random “CIA” codename, because we always thought he was on the goverment payroll or something. He always seemed to find money to buy things.

We were first going to Val’s, but we forgot they are closed on sundays and mondays. =(. So we ended up at up “Favorite India Restaurant”. Had this beer and I had butter chicken, and he had marsala.


Have you had this beer before?



I love naan. That was my plate, Sam had his own, but we did share some of our entree with each other, that is why i have two trays that look similar.


Then I showed Sam my favorite fork illusion. The trick was so good, it was really scaring him, I had only done half the trick. But it was all good and fun, and he promised me he would take me skydiving next time. =)

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